Super Console X Pro 2

  • Built in 114,000+ retro games from 80s- 2000
  • Support 70+ emulators including PS1, PSP, N64, Dreamcast, SEGA Saturn(New!) and more
  • Built-in games including Final Fantasy 7, Megaman 1 – 8, Metal Gear Solid and more
  • Upgraded chip and memory system : S905X3/4G+32G
  • Support up to 8K Video Output
  • Upgrade cooling system, better and smoother gaming performance
  • Upgraded controller: One USB receiver control 2 gamepads.
  • Dual System – Switch between an Andriod TV (9.0 version) and a Retro Game Console
  • Download games directly to the console via Wifi (2.4GB+5GB) or Lan
  • Free Shipping Worldwide and 7/24 Live Technical Support
Super Console X2 Pro

Support 70+ Retro Game Emulators

100,000+ Retro Games From 80s, 90s and 2000s

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Super Console X2 Pro

Best selling Retro Game console

Super Console X King

Flagship Retro game console
100k games+ , including modern 3A games

Handheld Retro Game

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Game Included

Final Fantasy VII

PlayStation I

Final Fantasy XI

PlayStation I

Final Fantasy
Crisis Core

Playstation Portable

Megman 1-6


Megman 7-8


Megman X1 - X3


Megman X4 - X6

PlayStation I

Crazy Taxi


Silent Hill


Resident Evil 3 - Super Console X Pro
Resident Evil 3


Other Features

Worldwide Shipping

Support FREE Worldwide Shipping

Support 26 Languages

multiple language support including English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Espanol, French, Japanese and more

Build in Andriod TV System

Build in Android TV system
(version 7.1.2) turns your gaming console into a fully functional OTT TV! Lots of per-installed app including Netflix, Youtube and more. enjoy live-stream tv anywhere, anytime with SuperConsole X Pro!

4k High Quality Video Output

SuperConsole-X2-Pro support HDMI output, which allow boosting graphical quality to 1080p max. Combining retro gaming experience with up-to-date video quality.