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Super Console X Pro

64GB Version (30,000 Games)

Super Console X Pro

128GB Version (40,000 Games)

Super Console X Pro

256GB Version (50,000 Games)

Super Console X 2 (Upgraded Version!)

  • Retro game console Built-in 100,000+ video games from 80s- 2000
  • Support 70+ emulators (added 20 more emulators) including PS1, PSP, N64, Dreamcast, and more
  • Built in games including Final Fantasy 7, Megaman 1 - 8, Meta Gear Solid and more
  • Dual System - Swtich between a Andriod TV and a Retro Game Console
  • Download games directly to the console via Wifi (2.4GB+5GB) or Lan
  • Support 4k HDMI Video Output
  • Dual System - Switch between Andriod TV 9.0 or Retro game system
  • Free Shipping Worldwide and 7/24 Live Technical Support

Super Console X2 Pro

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